About Me

As the Executive Producer of Maharlika by LindsayLuvzU and CEO of CrownLuv Entertainment, I recognize my responsibility in protecting the women of this world against horrible crimes such as sex trafficking. It is my personal and professional mission to use my skills to spread the message of preventing sex trafficking. In addition, I take my role as a father to a son seriously when educating him on the fair and civil treatment of women.

Having been born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I proudly earned my Masters in Business Education after finishing high school. This degree and valuable experience gave me the essential skills to become a project manager so I could effectively run a record label named Daluv Circuit Entertainment. In addition, my experience as a manager led me to owning WorldWide Duplications, a manufacturing CD and DVD Company. From there, I became the passionate co-creator and executive producer of the advocacy film— Maharlika, The Anti-Sex Trafficking Movement Documentary – Traffik n’ Sex and The Official Anti-Sex Trafficking Anthem, Traffik n’ Sex by Steven N’ Chris Featuring Courtney Hamilton. Maharlika is a film created in relation to the Non-Profit Anti Sex-Trafficking organization, Traffik n’ Sex, created to advocate for women who are pulled into the sex trafficking industry. According to, sex traffickers make an astounding average of 150 billion dollars a year for the exploitation of women. Traffik n’ Sex is a non-profit organization that aims to save women in horrible situations and prevent women from being drawn into the industry by providing rehabilitation, shelter and safehouses. Maharlika is an unprecedented take on entertainment activism that demonstrates the cruelty behind sex trafficking. This fillm is meant to empower women and compel audiences to take action against the growing sex trafficking industry. This multi-channel production captures the direct attention of mixed audiences to gather support and recognition for the victims of sex trafficking. Using film, music, interviews, and live events, this project will raise awareness around the world for this sensitive, neglected, and incredibly important topic. It is our vision and mission for Maharlika to be the pivotal moment in history that brings enough awareness to finally end the unfortunate phenomenon of sex trafficking. Watching a project, idea, or concept turn into a reality is my favorite part of what I do. I love creating and designing projects that make a difference in the world, and so Maharlika has quickly become my greatest muse. In addition, I greatly enjoy spending time with my son who is truly the light of my life. It is my honor to raise him to become a contributing member of society who loves and respects women.

I wake up every day reminding myself that it is my life’s mission to leave him a legacy of love and compassion that he can build upon to help others.


More About Me

I have big plans for the future of the production company CrownLuv Entertainment. I intend to grow and be able to help everyone who wants to make their voice heard. Also, I’m determined and enthusiastic to make a group, a team, a family that is able to help their coworkers improve themselves and contribute to the whole production.
A reason why I choose producing is that I get to work with people that are passionate about what they do. Especially the music and film industry requires a lot of passion in order to create something beautiful and unique.

My Vision

We aspire to make the world more happier and enjoyable for everyone. Especially for those who have had a hard time till now to live life to the fullest. My vision includes more and more women break free from the difficult life that sex traficants have put them in. Hopefully, my action can help reducing sex trafficking in the USA to zero and inspire other people to make a difference in their country as well.

My Passion

I think we share a lot of passion together. Beginning with the first and most important one, raising and educating my children the right way in order to respect and help others as much as they can. As for other passions, movies and films fill a major part of them. I’m energetic, committed, and eager to learn every aspect of creating professional and beautiful content. I truly believe that if you want to do your work right you need to be passionate about it. Once you start working with passion on a job you love there is nothing that can stand in the way of your success.

My Mission

I truly believe that we can give a hand to everyone who needs our help. That is why I try to accomplish many missions at the same time. However, my main mission is to advocate against sex trafficking and help every victim of it live a better life. I work with many people who are willing to do the impossible so that everyone lives a better and freer life, and I know that there are still a lot of you who share the same mission as me.

“ I love creating and designing projects that make a difference in the world ”