As the Executive Producer of Maharlika by LindsayLuvzU and CEO of CrownLuv Entertainment, I recognize my responsibility in protecting the women of this world against horrible crimes such as sex trafficking. It is my personal and professional mission to use my skills to spread the message of preventing sex trafficking.

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Json Crown Executive Producer, Music & Film Industry

For quite some years I have been focused on is building a multi-channel production to make everyone’s voice heard. We offer assistance, motivation, and encouragement so that everyone may make a positive difference while remaining confident in themselves and their worth.


I truly believe that we can give a hand to everyone who needs our help. That is why I try to accomplish many missions at the same time. However, my main mission is to advocate against sex trafficking and help every victim of it live a better life. I work with many people who are willing to do the impossible so that everyone lives a better and freer life, and I know that there are still a lot of you who share the same mission as me.


I think we share a lot of passion together. Beginning with the first and most important one, raising and educating my children the right way in order to respect and help others as much as they can. As for other passions, movies and films fill a major part of them. I’m energetic, committed, and eager to learn every aspect of creating professional and beautiful content. I truly believe that if you want to do your work right you need to be passionate about it. Once you start working with passion on a job you love there is nothing that can stand in the way of your success.


We aspire to make the world more happier and enjoyable for everyone. Especially for those who have had a hard time till now to live life to the fullest. My vision includes more and more women break free from the difficult life that sex traficants have put them in. Hopefully, my action can help reducing sex trafficking in the USA to zero and inspire other people to make a difference in their country as well.

How We Work

We examine your needs – from the analysis, through the development!

The years of experience have taught me a big lesson on how important is to have constructive communication with clients. That is why I always listen closely to what my clients have to say. This helps me a lot to handle the final product they had in mind.






Who I Am

I love creating and designing projects that make a difference in the world.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and after graduating from high school, I obtained my Master’s in Business Education. This degree and valuable experience equipped me with the necessary abilities to work as a project manager for the Daluv Circuit Entertainment record label. In addition, my management experience led to the acquisition of WorldWide Duplications, a CD and DVD manufacturing company. From then, I became the passionate co-creator and executive producer of Maharlika, The Anti-Sex Trafficking Movement Documentary – Traffik n’ Sex and The Official Anti-Sex Trafficking Anthem, Traffik n’ Sex by Steven N’ Chris Featuring Courtney Hamilton, an advocacy film.

My favorite part of my job is seeing a project, idea, or concept come to life. Maharlika has rapidly become my greatest muse because I enjoy producing and designing initiatives that make a difference in the world. In addition, spending time with my son, who is certainly the light of my life, is a joy for me. It is a privilege for me to raise him to be a contributing member of society who values and respects women.
I tell myself every day that it is my life’s duty to leave him a legacy of love and compassion that he may use to help others.

We Are PassionateWe Are DedicatedWe Are VibrantWe Are Creative

— CrownLuv Entertainment —

My Work

My Work At Different Companies

Technology has helped us a lot to make it easier for our clients to get to know us. With just one click you can find some of my past works. I try to always update my online portfolio with recent works.


We Make Our Customers Happy

Everything starts with a simple idea that grows bigger and bigger day by day till the end when we have the final product. To no-lose focus and motivation, I have used a structured developing process that shows us how to get to the end.


The concepts you’ve come up with the need to go through an objective screening procedure. To gather the most actionable data from this phase, you should use a combination of internal and external processes.


Only some of the ideas will be taken into consideration for the concept stage that is also the final filter before starting to work on developing it. Before you start building a prototype, you’ll need a detailed layout and blueprint.


It’s time to get down to business with recording and production. You’ll either make a real prototype or a rough mockup. At this stage, some prefer to perform a small-scale release. It’s also possible to gather a small group of your friends to test the nearly finished piece.


This the final but not the least important step. You’ll need to get your friend to listen to your song or watch your movie before starting wrapping all the things up, for example. Having a glimpse of how your work will be received will help you a lot with making the final adjustments. Maybe your work needs just a final touch to become perfect.

More in-depth of our working PROCESS

The structure that I’m talking about is divided into four different steps. Starting with the research stage, getting to know our competitors with similar works. After finishing the research part it is time to brainstorm and think about a concept of how our work is going to look in the end. Only after everything is clear for everyone the process continues with the developing and testing part. The research stage establishes the foundation for your marketing approach. Everyone’s input can be used to generate potential taglines, commercial campaigns, and customer personalities. Analyzing your competitors is also necessary. Get a thorough understanding of your existing competitors’ numbers and sizes, as well as their way of handling the concept. If there are any parallels, you may have found your niche. In the second stage, we calculate the costs of designing, developing, marketing, and distributing your best-selling product. Wherever possible, you may choose to use third-party providers for some things. Also, we are going to determine the human and financial resources you’ll require, as well as the fundamental elements that a piece of final music or film must-have. In addition, start laying out a prospective marketing campaign and a bigger online and traditional marketing strategy for this product. This is one of your last chances to fix serious technical issues or introduce some new ideas that you didn’t think of earlier. As previously stated, the cost and amount of time required at this stage are determined by the planned product.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us

I am well aware of how important is for my clients to learn a lot from me. That is why I try to be as transparent as I can in order to earn my trust. Here you can have a glimpse of my past experience.

Films & Media

We’ve helped thousands of clients worldwide and many women who have been sexually abused in the past.

My Companies

All our companies run deep and are backed by over 7 years of experience.

Lets Work Together

We made many emotional film that documented the history of many victims.

If you still are skeptical if I am the right person to help you, please feel free to contact me and so we can get to know how we can work together!

Sex Trafficking & Maharlika

Sex trafficking has been around for a long time, it’s unacceptable that this thing continues even nowadays. The majority of people that live in western countries think that this happens only in the undeveloped ones. There are a lot of factors why this happens. One of those is the media, which includes news, movies, or TV shows. On contrary, sex trafficking happens everywhere which is why I and my team created this mini-series called Maharlika Warrior Spirit.

Human and sex trafficking crimes are done for a variety of reasons in the United States (and around the world), but one constant is that the offenders can be very subtle, and people may not know what they are entering into until it is too late.

For a variety of reasons, including fear and humiliation, survivors of this atrocity are frequently unwilling to stand up for themselves. Victims are preyed upon by the abusers. Fortunately, people such as my teammates work diligently to assist survivors and provide them with a fresh start of freedom and rehabilitation in order to start a new Sex trafficking has been around for a long time, it’s unacceptable that this thing continues even nowadays. The majority of people that live in western countries think that this happens only in the undeveloped ones. There are a lot of factors why this happens. One of those is the media, which includes news, movies, or TV shows. On contrary, sex trafficking happens everywhere which is why I and my team created this mini-series called Maharlika Warrior

Also if you go on the official website of the Maharlika Warrior Spirit mini-series you can find out how you can be part of the movement. I encourage everyone to help and be alongside us on this difficult road.


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